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A high-volume, private London prostate cancer clinic dedicated to achieving world-class results for robotic prostatectomy.

Conducting nearly 200 operations per year, Santis is one of the highest volume private prostatectomy practices in the UK.


Our patient outcomes are among the best in the world as a result of decades of experience in treating over 4,000 men, training under world leaders, and our focused approach on delivering the best patient outcomes.


The ability, volume and experience of your surgeon is the most important factor in achieving a successful result in terms of cancer survival, potency and continence.

Our collected patient data not only proves that experience is critical, but also that the specific techniques used by us lead to better results for patients. In recognition of our achievements, in both 2010 and 2018 the Daily Mail’s guide to the top 10 prostate cancer surgeons in Britain featured Professor Christopher Eden for his experience and exceptional patient results, as voted by his peers. That’s why we believe Santis is the best choice for patients.

An expertise that is unrivalled in the UK of over 4,000 cases of radical prostatectomy over 26 years

A surgical team that has worked together for the past 15 years

Patient outcomes that have been regularly collected and published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at international conferences over the last 26 years

All patients have their imaging and treatment plan reviewed at a multidisciplinary (Urology, Oncology, Pathology, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine) meeting of at least 10 other highly-experienced consultants before treatment begins, providing oversight and validation of their treatment plan by a panel of experts.

Our work has been featured by:


We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to prostate cancer, featuring interviews with past patients, GPs and doctors specialising in radiotherapy. It’s everything you need to know, divided up into 12 easy-to-read chapters.


What our patients say

An extraordinary result from a very remarkable man. I personally owe my life to Professor Christopher Eden.

Mr. Gareth Ottey

Without Prof. Eden’s actions I would have spent the last six years in a mess.

Mr. Simon Fox

Best wishes to anyone considering asking Professor Eden for help. I can only highly recommend him to you.

Mr. Jeremy Spencer

Professor Eden is in our opinion the best surgeon for prostatectomy.

Mr. Clive Tomkins

Selecting Professor Eden is genuinely the best decision I have ever made, I thoroughly recommend him.

Mr. John Goodyer

I am extremely grateful for his skills and professionalism. There is no doubt that I would not be here without him.

Mr. Jim Goodbourn

A high-volume clinic with exceptional, published results

Conducting nearly 200 operations per year, we are a high-volume clinic that constantly strives for the best results. We’re committed to transparency in our work too, and have published and presented our results in peer-reviewed journals and at scientific meetings across the globe.

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