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Patient Testimonials

Choosing to undergo a radical prostatectomy is a big decision. Knowing that thousands of other men have placed their trust
in Professor Eden
– and have been delighted with their results –
helps to make that decision a little easier. We’ve collected the thoughts of some of our patients for you here.

Professor Christopher Eden was recommended to me by my urologist to perform the operation.

Life in 2019 was full of emotional extremes – 25th wedding anniversary celebrations in Lindos, Rhodes, graduation ceremonies of my two children, a new job in the City, and blood in my semen. Oh dear…the subsequent blood tests, biopsies, MRI scans, the waiting, the unknowing, the physical pain, the morbid thoughts, crying almost daily. It was hell.

Following a final diagnosis of Gleason 3+4 adenocarcinoma, the decision of what to do was an easy one – have a prostatectomy to remove the cancer. Specifically, have it removed ‘robotically assisted’.

Professor Christopher Eden was recommended to me by my urologist to perform such an operation – a calming, reassuring man who fully explained how he and his team were going to perform the prostatectomy. The operation at Guy’s Cancer Unit in February 2020 was a success. Prostate removed, no nerve damage, so I’m potent and continent, which is fantastic. Just had my PSA blood results in April 2020 which recorded levels less than 0.05 [virtually undetectable] –  hallelujah!

Professor Eden and his team have been incredibly supportive and patient with me post-operatively too – reassuring me throughout my recovery. Thank you.

Mr. Gareth Ottey
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The organisation and support was phenomenal.

I think we always knew the day would come when I would be diagnosed with prostate cancer as my father had been many years before. He battled it for over 10 years with a variety of treatments, but it finally spread to his bones and he died in 2010. From then on I think subconsciously we followed developments, treatments, read articles, watched TV programmes, really just to keep gleaning as much information as possible. This was all supplemented in 2019 when a close friend in Wales was diagnosed and following advice from another friend he immediately contacted Professor Christopher Eden. After successful treatment his words to me were – “if it ever happens, this is the man you want.” Little did we know how quickly we would be following up on this and how valuable his words would be. After a second raised PSA test and knowing that a referral was imminent, we already had a consultation booked with Professor Eden before the GP suggested it as the next stage. I think, knowing the likely outcome, our way of dealing with the situation was to take control from the word go and progress as quickly as possible. We had already followed this route a few years early when my wife had cancer, we had survived that and would do the same now. Lots of information and a clear way forward is our way of coping.

Our first consultation with Professor Eden at the Stokes Centre, where he gave us the most likely conclusions and outlined the best options, was soon followed by an MRI scan in Guildford and a biopsy in Epsom. Coming from the Midlands I think we were probably more concerned with the logistics and transport arrangements than the procedures. At this point we were so well supported by Professor Eden’s secretary, Simone, and the Santis website where all the details of appointments, procedures, test results, appeared in record time. We always knew we could email or phone to clarify or check: the organisation and support was phenomenal. We were also recommended to look at YouTube videos that Professor Eden had produced that explained what was going to happen, how I could best prepare in terms of health and exercise and how I would feel after the operation. All the support and information together just gave us confidence in what was to come.

All the tests confirmed Professor Eden’s initial diagnosis and we continued to follow his advice that a robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy was the best solution and that the outlook was good. Also that the best location was at Guy’s Cancer Centre, part of London Bridge Hospital. This was because a frozen section could be done during the operation, meaning the correct amount of tissue was removed for a good outcome but sparing any possible nerve damage. On 22nd January, only two months from the initial diagnosis, we were checked in at HCA London Bridge at 7am and had hardly taken in the surroundings before Professor Eden appeared to explain what was about to happen and if we had any questions. By 12.30pm while I was still in recovery, he phoned my wife to tell her all had gone well. No major operation is pleasant but the nursing staff were excellent in making me as comfortable as possible, followed up with plenty of information from physios and urology nurses.

Professor Eden came to see me every morning and by day 3 I was ready to go home. Travelling back to the Midlands with a catheter turned out to be easier than we anticipated. It seemed a long week before the local District Nurse came to remove it but again, phone calls from the London Bridge Urology nurses helped reassure me. The information sheets which I came home with were incredibly useful for my wife who would use them to answer my ongoing concerns that all was as it should be by quoting them section by section until I believed them! We also watched the YouTube videos of an actual operation – after the event – truly amazing.

We were expecting to have some issues once the catheter was removed but I have had no problems whatsoever and no nerve damage. A followup appointment with Professor Eden in Basingstoke to discuss the histology pretty much confirmed everything from his initial diagnosis and that the prognosis for the future was excellent. I never really felt I had any symptoms prior to the raised PSA but looking back, I know I feel so much better now.

I cannot thank Professor Eden and his team enough for their skills and expert treatment. Also the support from Simone and my wife, Linda, who organised, supported and occasional bullied me to get through this. The changes in the way prostate cancer is being treated, the expertise that is being developed, used and passed around the country through doctors like Professor Eden and his team should give all men with a diagnosis, hope. It is treatable and beatable with the right people on your side and I only wish that my father could have had a ‘Professor Eden’ when he needed it, but I know he would have been glad that I did.

Mr. Robert Kemp
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An extraordinary result from a very remarkable man.

There have been some remarkable achievements in treatments for prostate problems. In particular I personally owe my life to Professor Christopher Eden – he treated my very serious prostate cancer condition by removing the prostate whilst managing to spare the nerves on one side. He also harvested a large sample of lymph nodes, many of which were suspect. After three and a half years my PSA level remains undetectable. An extraordinary result from a very remarkable man.

Mr. Vernon Burford
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Without Prof. Eden’s actions I would have spent the last six years in a mess.

I was previously a patient of Professor Eden’s and I last had a consultation with him in July 2018. At the time, Professor Eden asked me to update him on progress. I am sorry that my current consultants at the Royal Marsden have not copied him into the results and progress since then.

I was and remain very grateful to Professor Eden for his treatment, care and consideration and I wanted him to know that now, some six years after an initial diagnosis of stage 3 prostate cancer and a PSA of 88, I have just had a PSA result of <0.01 and a testosterone level of 18.8. Thus some five and a half years after surgery, I have no detectable PSA and two years after my last treatment I have taken no medication and have had no treatment required for over 24 months. I am also still running and cycling a lot, have cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats, run in about eight half marathons, completed an MA in Creative Writing and I am two years into a PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London. I have thanked Professor Eden several times already but I’d like to thank him again and let him know the most recent results. In my local NHS trust six years ago they refused to give me surgery and wanted to put me directly onto hormone treatment. Without Prof. Eden’s actions I would have spent the last six years in a mess, unable to run or to think. I am eternally in his debt.

Mr. Simon Fox
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His skills, his kindness and his care have meant the world to us.

My husband, Noel and I are eternally grateful to this wonderful man. His skills, his kindness and his care have meant the world to us. At a time in our lives when we felt vulnerable and scared, he was there for us, offered us hope and then performed a life saving operation. At the time of the surgery he had to make clinical decisions which were of paramount importance. They all proved to be correct and Noel’s PSA test results ever since have been undetectable. What can we say about this remarkable person? Thank you never seems enough. To anyone now considering treatment, go to Mr Eden. We could never recommend him highly enough. To top it all, he’s also just a truly lovely person.

Mrs. Elizabeth Mills
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Best wishes to anyone considering asking Professor Eden for help. I can only highly recommend him to you.

Professor Eden performed a unilateral nerve saving radical prostatectomy on me in July 2010. I had no complications and rehabilitated my functions over the next 12 months or so. Since the operation I have had undetectable PSA readings and Professor Eden discharged me this year after 5 years. I am really grateful to him for saving my life, and also to my GP for picking up the signs during an examination and referring me, as my PSA was within normal limits.

I remember meeting Professor Eden for the first time – I was very scared and he was reassuring and confident. I was extremely relieved he agreed to help me. The treatment I received was first class and all the team working for Prof. Eden are really kind and professional.

Best wishes to anyone considering asking Professor Eden for help. I can only highly recommend him to you.

Mr. Jeremy Spencer
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I am extremely grateful for his skills and professionalism. There is no doubt that I would not be here without him.

Professor Eden performed a Prostatectomy on me in January 2010. The pre-surgery biopsy had suggested a low grade cancer. Unfortunately the post-surgery biopsy revealed a T3 prostate tumour which had also spread to the margins of the bladder and also the seminal vesicles. The Professor recommended adjuvant radiotherapy which I completed in July 2010 under the supervision of Dr. Money-Kyrle (a specialist recommended by Professor Eden).

It is now over 6 years since surgery and also my radiotherapy and my PSA remains unrecordable. My outlook which was initially challenging is now very good indeed. As far as I am concerned, I am cured. Of particular note, I was closely supervised throughout the last 5/6 years by the Professor who always gave excellent and reassuring advice and was always there to answer my concerns and questions. Despite both the surgery and also radiotherapy, my physical functions in all areas are very reassuringly normal.

In sum, I am in debt to Professor Eden and I am extremely grateful for his skills and professionalism. There is no doubt that I would not be here without him. For those of you who have a less than ideal post surgery biopsy result, do not give up. Be reassured under Professor Eden’s care and above all stay positive.

Mr. John Goodyer
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I very much appreciated the certainty which you brought to the future events, identifying a clear path forward and never overpromising.

Dear Professor Eden,

I am writing to thank you and your team at London Bridge for the extremely effective, helpful and kindly-delivered service which you provided to me. Without you providing a surgical service during an especially difficult period for all hospitals due to Covid, I would not have been able to have my cancer surgery when you provided it or indeed anytime soon after. I would have had to go onto hormone therapy as a holding measure with its own raft of side-effects quite apart from the worry and concern over the delayed treatment. The surgical procedures were not “open” in Oxford and I am not sure how available they were anywhere else in the UK.

I very much appreciated the certainty which you brought to the future events, identifying a clear path forward and never overpromising: quite a trick with Covid raging. I am very impressed and immensely grateful.

The staff at the hospital and in the “after-sales” departments were wonderfully supportive: it is a curious time of uncertainty for the patient and the nurses were very reassuring. Your assistant, Simone, was very helpful and efficient making the admin part for the patient much more relaxed.

I would be grateful if you could, in some way, share this with the nurses and Simone. I have not written earlier as I wanted to wait until I had had the very positive confirmatory PSA test result this week.

Kind regards,

Benjamin Shirlaw

Mr Benjamin Shirlaw
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Because he saved my nerve bundle on the one side, after 12 months my erections returned.

Christopher Eden removed my prostate in 2010 when I was 48 & my PSA is still unrecordable! I did my exercises as advised & didn’t have any incontinence and because he saved my nerve bundle on the one side, after 12 months my erections returned. When I think of the alternative options I was exploring 5 years ago, I can’t thank Professor Eden enough for his skill and manner in which he took control of the situation. Having prostate cancer changed my life and thanks to Christopher Eden I left corporate life, moved to Cornwall and I am now living the dream! Thank you.

Mr. Ashley Shepherd
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I was completely confident that I was in the best hands possible.

I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer just before Christmas in 2019 with a Gleason score of 9. Professor Eden performed a robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy in January 2020. Being a rugby player I have had numerous injuries over the years that have required surgery and I can honestly say that my experience of the care I have received from Professor Eden has been the best I have ever had. Professor Eden was kind and took his time to answer all my questions honestly and in a straightforward manner, and when it came to the day of the surgery itself I was completely confident that I was in the best hands possible.

Upon removal of the catheter I was immediately fully continent and have recovered all nerve function and everything is well on its way to returning back to normal. Being diagnosed with cancer and then facing the prospect of such a potentially life changing surgery is a huge shock, and finding the right surgeon is crucial as you only get one chance to get it right. I would not hesitate to recommend Professor Eden for that surgery. All cancer has been removed successfully, my PSA is almost undetectable and I have made a rapid recovery. I did not have to take any painkillers and I even went skiing only 4 weeks after the operation (see photo!).

Despite my cancer diagnosis being 5 days before Christmas, and Professor Eden’s secretary being on leave and then everyone away for the festive season, in only 5 weeks they arranged an initial consultation with Professor Eden, a PET scan, an MRI of my liver and pre-assessment before my surgery date of 16 January. Professor Eden even phoned me with the results of the scans while he was away. He phoned my wife straight after the surgery, which was greatly appreciated, and even after discharge from hospital he followed up to check on me after a query I made to the hospital. Professor Eden is a world class surgeon and has a world-class team working with him, and I am extremely grateful to him.

Mr. Rachid Noui
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Professor Eden is in our opinion the best surgeon for prostatectomy.

I am 51 years of age and I first found out I had a raised PSA in December 2019.  Following further PSA tests it was then that further investigations began. To our complete shock following MRI and biopsy I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (Gleason 3-4 and T2c). This is when we began trawling the internet for information which was so overwhelmingly confusing, but eventually following thorough research we decided to have a consultation with Professor Eden at London Bridge.

Both myself and my wife felt immediately comfortable and at ease, bearing in mind that all this was happening in London just as Covid-19 was on its rampage and with the whole country on its way into lockdown which made the whole situation much more stressful! We had a consultation with more than one surgeon and then met with Professor Eden on the Friday, and then on the 25th March just 5 days after seeing him he operated on me. We knew he was the right person for me as his reassurance and professionalism coupled with his calming manner initiated a high level of faith in his abilities.

My wife was not allowed into the hospital at all either on admission, during my stay or upon leaving the hospital due to measures put in place due to the Covid-19 outbreak but the care I received was outstanding, especially when taking into account the fact that the whole of the country was in lockdown with the level of Covid-19 infection extremely high. However, at no point did I feel that my care was compromised. Professor Eden took the time to call my wife as soon as he could following my surgery so he could talk her through the operation and reassure her that all had went very well.

48 hours later I went home where recovery began, and I was completely continent post-catheter removal and potency is slowly returning and this is all down to the skill of Professor Eden saving a 100% of my nerves during the operation of which I am extremely thankful for. 10 weeks post op and having just had my first PSA test following surgery I am extremely pleased that the result was negligible at 0.008!

To summarise no one wants to find themselves in the situation I found myself in, however myself and my wife are incredibly fortunate to have found Professor Eden and cannot thank him enough for his expertise which only leads us to say that we would more than happily recommend Professor Eden should you also find yourself in this position, as we have no doubt that you would be in a very safe and skilful pair of hands! Thank you Professor Eden.

Mr. Clive Tomkins
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Selecting Professor Eden is genuinely the best decision I have ever made, I thoroughly recommend him.

2020 has been a very strange year for me. I started on January 1st like any other (to my knowledge) healthy 55 year old, but within two weeks I found out I had an abnormal prostate. Within a further two weeks I had the news I was not expecting: I had prostate cancer. Research and recommendations led me to decide the Professor Eden was the way forward for me.

I first met Professor Eden on Sat 15th Feb 2020, straight from that first meeting I immediately felt I was in good hands. He took the time to go through the details, give me the facts and give me advice where I asked for it and reassured me that a high-volume surgeon was the best way to give the greatest chance of success. At that same session, Professor Eden offered me the operation 5 days later on Thursday 20th Feb. That was perfect, no time to worry, just comfort that I was being seen by someone I already felt comfortable with.

My particular circumstance was that results to date had shown that although the cancer had been shown to be localised within the prostate, it was right on the edge and there was a good chance that it might have started to spread into the immediate locality, he explained London Bridge Hospital offered the opportunity during the operation to have a frozen section which would enable him there and then to operate further if required. Nothing was pressurised, everything was always my decision. We did go through alternative locations of surgery, Guildford was more local to me, but because of the risk described, I felt London Bridge Hospital would be more appropriate. Again, Professor Eden didn’t put any pressure on me, he just kept giving me the facts and helping me make sensible risk based decisions.

On the morning of the operation I met him about 8.15am: he was such a calming influence. I went into the operation feeling positive, and 3 or so hours later I was back in my room chatting to my wife. Here I am 6 weeks post surgery, with my recovery seemingly going to plan. We met 4 weeks post operation and went through the histology outcome where, again, he was very factual and always willing to answer any questions I might have however repetitive it might have been for him.

To anyone considering whether or not to put your life in his hands, simple answer, DO IT! His calm professional, measured approach turns what could be a very unpleasant worrying time of life into something you can very easily cope with. One other thing to say, and that is the flow of information to and from Santis is first class whether that be over the phone, email or good old fashioned mail, always in plenty of time and always very professional.

Selecting Professor Eden is genuinely the best decision I have ever made: I thoroughly recommend him.

Mr. John Goodyer
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I would be in the hands of one of the very best surgeons in the UK.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer during the 2020 first COVID-19 lock down by the NHS. Although I had been subscribing to BUPA for over 25 years, I had some difficulty in finding a private hospital relatively close to home. Initially I was referred by Mr AK Nigam-Urologist at Nuffield Guildford to Dr Christos Mikropoulos-Oncologist with Genesis Care at Mount Alvernia Guildford. After extensive suitability tests organised by Mr Nigam, Dr Mikropoulis was able to recommend two alternative treatments:

  • Radiotherapy
  • Prostate removal by robotic surgery, where he recommended Professor Christopher Eden – Consultant Urological Surgeon at London Bridge Hospital at Guys

Dr Mikropoulos took considerable time and care to explain the two options to me and said that if I chose to have a prostatectomy with Professor Eden then I would be in the hands of one of the very best surgeons in the UK. The truth is I was really very worried about actually having the surgical treatment and the recovery/complications in the weeks to follow. Reading about the treatment on the internet just made me feel even worse!

The reality of going into hospital was in fact a pleasant experience where the whole team under Professor Eden were kind, caring and very professional. The room and the catering were very good. Each step of the way was fully explained to me by the various members of the team. Having a general anaesthetic for my operation meant that I was unaware and it was all over in an instant! I suffered no pain or discomfort and no side effects. I had worried for nothing about having a catheter fitted and once removed my water works were back to normal with no leaks, no discomfort and no need for wearing a pad. I never felt sick or tired and within a couple of days I was enjoying walking again daily around my farm. Maybe my experience was better than average but Professor Eden’s advice to daily exercise my pelvic floor muscles for a few weeks before my operation and after my catheter removal did help.

In addition, my belief is that my operation was carried out with the utmost care and experience by Professor Christopher Eden who had the experience behind him of well over 3000 cases. I feel that my post-operative, rapid recovery is because I have enjoyed the benefit of being operated on by Professor Eden who has been described as ‘Probably the leader in the field of keyhole radical Prostatectomy’. (Daily Mail Newspaper quote)

Mr. Les Salvidge
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I cannot recommend Professor Eden, his medical team and the nursing staff highly enough.

Professor Eden removed my prostate in August 2008, with Dr Anne Haigh his anaesthetist.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer some two/three years earlier, I had decided upon a ‘watchful waiting’ approach with regular PSA tests and periodic biopsies, the last of which, immediately before my operation, revealed a worsening in my situation.

Following discussions with my consultant and my own independent research, I concluded that a laparoscopic removal of my prostate could offer the best chance of a positive outcome in relation to healing and concerns over the post op risks of incontinence and lack of erections. It also became clear that Professor Eden was the most skilled and experienced UK surgeon to perform such an operation with an excellent record of success.

As for my experience, this can only be described as positive in every respect.

Professor Eden is clearly a very skilled surgeon, caring and insightful. He is able to immediately relax the patient with trust between surgeon and patient established from the very outset.

My stay was some four or five days in length (I cannot remember precisely). The accommodation, and the care I received from Professor Eden, his Operating Team and nursing staff was second to none. The catering was also excellent.

The operation itself was a success and healing was relatively rapid with minimal discomfort. After the operation I was handed a photo-image of the removed prostate, which showed the incidence of cancer in two separate areas. Very interesting.

From day one, following my operation, I experienced no incontinence whatsoever. Erections returned, albeit ‘ejaculation’ is dry (something that one is warned about beforehand). That apart, the feeling is the same. In summary, any compromising of ‘lifestyle’ has been minimal.

For the following five years I saw Professor Eden at least twice a year, (it might have been quarterly in the first year) to check on my well being and to review regular PSA blood tests, the readings for which have consistently been considerably less than ‘1’. After five years I was discharged into the care of my GP, since which time PSA readings have remained at the aforementioned minimal levels.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend Professor Eden, his medical team and the nursing staff highly enough. This was a difficult time for me and my family. That said, I have nothing but the highest of praise for the excellent treatment that I received throughout that period. By way of thanks I make an annual donation to The Prostate Clinic charity.

Mr. Tony Artis
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I have always counted myself extremely lucky to have found Christopher Eden.

I have always counted myself extremely lucky to have found Christopher Eden, thanks to the help and guidance given by PCaSO. Christopher Eden is always so knowledgeable and reassuring and my operation in January 2005 was so easy for me, leaving me potent and continent. I can not speak highly enough of Christopher Eden as a surgeon. I find his commitment to his patients quite outstanding and will always count myself very lucky to have found him.

Mr. Howard Richards
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My worries about physical post-operative life have melted away.

Following a routine well-man blood test, my results showed my PSA was elevated and an MRI and targeted biopsy (a New Year’s Eve I’ll never forget) followed. The result indicated a bilateral tumour, Gleason 7, 3+4. 

There is no doubt about it, the diagnosis was a shock, but it was soon followed by extensive research. In common with other prostate cancer sufferers, the concern about post-treatment life, with incontinence and impotence as long-term partners in crime, was uppermost in my mind. The statistics from online forums were disheartening with many online stories of long-term pad use and a sex life receding into the past. It is very difficult to get one’s head around, particularly when you have no symptoms, and feel fit and healthy. 

It quickly became clear that high volume surgeons conducting robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy gained the best results. With some painstaking research I came across the name and reputation of Santis Health and in particular the Retzius-sparing technique, combined with a suprapubic catheter, and the neuroSAFE real time pathology, all performed by Professor Christopher Eden. His results were impressive, and the wealth of information on the Santis Health website, including videos, and the top tips on how to get oneself into optimum physical health prior to the op were very helpful. 

A consultation was quickly arranged, and my wife and I were immediately reassured by the calm, honest and professional approach of Professor Eden and I had no hesitation in opting for surgery at the Private Care at Guys London Bridge hospital with Dr Annie Haigh as the anaesthetist.  

All nursing staff were caring and supportive in the hospital and Professor Eden immediately informed my wife following the operation that it had been a success with negative margins and full nerve-sparing possible. 

The histology confirmed the grade of the cancer and my PSA at three months was undetectable. My worries about physical post-operative life have melted away, my incontinence pads bought prior to the op were never needed! 

I feel very lucky to have found Santis Health, and I am indebted to Professor Eden. My thanks to him, his excellent secretary Simone Castle and the nursing staff at The London Bridge hospital. I have no hesitation in recommending Professor Eden and his team.

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I was in the best hands to get the result I was looking for.

Routine blood tests taken several years ago revealed I had an elevated PSA, following which I was put on a programme of active monitoring through regular PSA tests and MRI scans. When the PSA count reached 10 I underwent a template prostate biopsy procedure; this revealed the onset of cancer cell growth in three areas of the prostate gland with a Gleason score of 7 (3+4) and T stage of 2a to the right hand side of the prostate – not great news.

My decision to proceed with surgical removal versus the option of brachytherapy was instinctive as I viewed this as offering the prospect of a more immediate and successful outcome, even taking into account the potential side effects risks, although admittedly the prospect of diminished physical intimacy was not a welcome one. Ultimately, my priority was to recover quickly to full fitness to enable me to resume a full and active lifestyle.

And so to Professor Eden, to whom I was referred in November 2019. For me he provided the right balance of factual and no-nonsense approach I was looking for to entrust my care, added to which there was the assurance of his record of accomplishment in performing RARP procedures. I valued his frank and clear responses to my questions, which served to reassure me that I had made the right decision electing for surgical removal and that I was in the best hands to get the result I was looking for.

Through each stage of the process I felt I was fully briefed by Professor Eden, including calling me the night before my operation to tell me that the Da Vinci robot had downed tools, but with the undertaking that my procedure would be rescheduled the following day. An engineer was flown in from Germany to resolve the issue and I was prepped for the procedure first thing the next morning.

Whilst I was in recovery, Professor Eden took the time to speak my wife and reassure her that the operation went well. He subsequently talked me through the outcome of the procedure and initial findings of the section taken of the prostate. Whilst the cancer had progressed to T3a, the results of the section taken was very positive. The other good news was that only partial removal of the nerve bundle to one side was necessary.

The day following the operation I was taking walks round the ward floor, and after 2 days I was discharged and able to walk to Waterloo to catch a train home. I am indebted to Professor Eden, and equally his surgical team including the anaesthetist Dr. Anne Haigh, for the skill and dedication to resolve my condition. Professor Eden’s intervention means I can put this behind me and get on with my life. It would be remiss of me not to give equal praise to the fantastic nursing staff and the support of Professor Eden’s PA Mrs. Simone Castle.

Mr. Michael Burke
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The care that I received throughout the process has been second to none.

When my Consultant told me the result of my biopsies – a rare cancer which had aggressive characteristics and did not respond readily to radiotherapy – he referred me to Professor Eden to consider a robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy. Little did I imagine that, within 2 days on a Saturday afternoon just before Christmas, my wife and I would be discussing details with him face-to-face! Just 5 weeks later, with Christmas, a F-PSMA PET/CT scan and a week’s skiing intervening, the operation took place. I was discharged in 2 days and, some 3 months after the operation, its success was confirmed by a PSA reading of 0.1.

The care that I received throughout the process has been second to none. Professor Eden, with his calm and reassuring manner, inspired total confidence at a difficult time. He and his Secretary Simone both responded to emails seemingly within an hour or so. Professor Eden’s online advice was also incredibly helpful, both to me and to my supportive family. The entire process was complemented by gentle, caring and excellent nursing support. 

My wife and I are immensely grateful to Professor Eden and his superb Team for shepherding us through a complex process so skilfully and confidently. 

Mr. Edward King
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I believe that choosing Professor Eden has saved my quality of life.

I would like to share my experience of Professor Eden and the Santis team in the hope that it may help others. Following a PSA of 7, I had a biopsy which showed six cancers in my prostate. I decided against radiotherapy since I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life knowing there was a dead cancer graveyard lurking inside me. I also didn’t want to think that in 10 years I could suffer bowel problems caused by RT.

I know prostatectomy surgery is challenging for any surgeon, especially with the Retzius-sparing method. More importantly, the success of this difficult surgery depends on the skills of the surgeon. Through recommendation, I choose Professor Eden and the Santis team.

From the initial phone call to Simone, I knew I was in good hands. A few weeks later the operation was over and Professor Eden was on the phone with my wife to assure her the operation was a success. I left hospital the morning after the operation with very little pain or bruising. My wounds were smaller than I had expected and have given no trouble at all. Within a few days I was walking several miles a day.

My final pathology showed I had 7 cancers in my prostate, and one was a hairs breadth from escaping from the edge (<0.1mm). Professor Eden, thanks to his NeuroSAFE technique, was able to determine during the surgery that it WAS contained, so my nerves and lymph nodes were left intact. I am writing this a month after my surgery. The aftercare from Professor Eden and Amy (the specialist nurse) has been second to none and the regular follow up calls have meant I have never felt I was on my own.

I am almost completely continent and I feel better with more energy than before the surgery. I know some things will take a little time to completely return to normal, but that’s a small price to pay.  The best news is Professor Eden is confident I have a complete cure.

While I believe my decision to have surgery saved my life, I also believe that choosing Professor Eden has saved my quality of life and means I can put cancer behind me. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am.


Northern Ireland, November 2020

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Prof Eden is a first-rate surgeon of the highest pedigree.

Prof Eden is a first-rate surgeon of the highest pedigree with a history of pioneering procedures and I’m extremely grateful that I had the foresight to choose to be treated by him. He’s confident in his abilities and matter-of-fact in his approach but encourages questions. As I have remarked throughout this, Santis is an efficient enterprise and it has been a pleasure liaising through Simone, his secretary who I found to be attentive and understanding of the concerns patients have in this most delicate area of treatment.

Stephen C
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A testament to the skill of a brilliant surgeon.

I’m sure I’m not alone in having spent weeks trawling the internet in order to find the right solution to my prostate cancer issue, and like many I tried to find alternatives to having my prostate removed. After various tests, scans and discussions with a number of extremely clever people I had to conclude that in my case there was no alternative to a radical prostatectomy and after more hours of scanning the net I was fortunate to stumble upon the idea of utilising the Retzius-sparing robotic technique. A few more hours of searching led me to conclude that Professor Christopher Eden was the man I felt would be most likely to give me the best result I could hope for.

Throughout the whole process, I found the Professor and his support team to be candid and at the same time reassuring, always available to answer questions and give advice. I had feared that living in Devon might prove difficult from a support point of view but again the Professor and the hospital team were always available when needed.

On January the 15​th 2020 I had the op, and after a couple of days in the London Bridge Hospital I was on my way home. By March, my incontinence issues were dramatically improved and I’m confident they will soon be a thing of the past. The potency issue is taking a little longer to get back to where it was but that too is steadily improving – all testament to the skill of a brilliant surgeon .

I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Professor Eden to anybody unfortunate enough to have need of a radical prostatectomy.

Mr. Alex Dungar
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I feel extremely lucky to have been under the care of this remarkable man and I will always be thankful to him.

I was diagnosed with T2, Gleason 7 prostate cancer in January 2014 at the age of 44. I found the myriad of information that comes in the aftermath of such a diagnosis to be confusing at times and I was naturally keen to identify my best option for life longevity. I began researching extensively and deliberating my options. I clearly wanted to make the right choice. If only I knew then, what I know now! From my initial consultation, I knew I was in truly great hands… Professor Eden and his colleagues exude exceptional skill, precision, sensibility, professionalism and empathy. The cancer had engulfed the prostate in its entirety and Professor Eden utilised his unique skill and extensive experience to conduct nerve-preserving surgery with precautionary, partial removal of the surrounding lymph nodes. Two years on, my PSA remains undetectable at a consistent < 0.03. I have been very pleasantly surprised by my erectile function post-surgery. I was worried about the effect such a radical procedure would have on this aspect of my physiology. But I’m delighted to say there was really nothing to worry about – it is excellent. I could not be more certain that I made the right choice to opt for laparoscopic prostatectomy under Chris Eden as by far the best treatment option for my case. I feel extremely lucky to have been under the care of this remarkable man and I will always be thankful to him.

Mr. James Huxley
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I discovered the significant difference that a top class surgeon can have upon the end result.

When a routine health screen at the comparatively young age of 50 revealed a PSA of 3.1 I was not too concerned. When it jumped to 9.2 within 18 months I decided to take it more seriously. A biopsy confirmed I had prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 7 and it was time for some serious research on the internet. My local Urology Consultant recommended the surgical option since this had the best outlook for long term survival over a 30 year timeframe. However, I was concerned to read of the potential side effects with respect to potency and continence and this led me to fully research other treatment options. It was at this point that I discovered the significant difference that a top class surgeon can have upon the end result.

I came across the Santis website and was very reassured by the testimonials and published results. I immediately spoke to Simone who was fantastic and then to Professor Eden a couple of days later. I was extremely fortunate to have access to top class private healthcare and after my initial consultation with Professor Eden the decision was simple. I was booked into London Bridge Hospital and was very comfortable knowing that I was in the hands of an expert team led by Professor Eden. I was fortunate to be in good physical shape and felt almost back to normal within a few days after the surgery. Following the removal of my catheter after two weeks I was fully continent and was further relieved (and surprised) when potency returned a week later. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Professor Eden whose obvious skill and eminent reputation gave me a great sense of calm and reassurance after the shock of the initial diagnosis. I will be forever grateful.

Mr. Mike Quayle
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From the first consultation with Professor Eden my wife and I felt reassured by his calm, positive and highly knowledgeable demeanour.

I am 47 years old and underwent a nerve sparing robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy five weeks ago in March 2020. A cancer diagnosis is undoubtedly one of the most stressful occurrences in life, and I felt the optimum chance of a positive outcome was to find the best surgeon to perform the operation at the best hospital. This led me to Professor Eden and the Private Care at Guys Cancer Centre.

From the first consultation with Professor Eden my wife and I felt reassured by his calm, positive and highly knowledgeable demeanour. I have nothing but respect for the level of skill required in performing the operation which has left me with minimal discomfort, minimal scarring and continent from day one post-removal of the catheter. Within weeks my exercise tolerance is also excellent.

The contact maintained by Professor Eden immediately post-surgery and in the weeks thereafter has also been invaluable in terms of aiding recovery and providing reassurance re the outcome of the operation.

I would recommend Professor Eden without hesitation and would also recommend the Private Care at Guys where the facilities and staff are second to none.

Mr. M.T.
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I am certain that the bad side or after-effects of a prostatectomy are much lower with an experienced hand.

Three months ago, my PSA shot from 6.6 to 10 in a period of one month. I decided to fly from the Middle East to Europe for better diagnosis. The results indicated that I had prostate cancer. I talked to several experts in the medical field who referred me to three very good surgeons in London. I zeroed in on Professor Eden not only because of the reviews and recommendations but because he also uses a revolutionary technique to improve post-operative continence (called Retzius-sparing) in his radical robot-assisted prostatectomies in conjunction with NeuroSAFE – a nerve sparing surgical technique.

I went through the usual consultations and all the related information to prepare me physically and mentally pre and post surgery. I was trained how to exercise my pelvic muscles, how to be prepared for erectile dysfunction even when I was told the chances of having major problems with this technique and the particular doctor were low. I was worried about having to wear diapers because there was still a small possibility I would leak.

Nothing prepared me for my result. On the first morning post operation, I felt discomfort at the tip of my penis. I uncovered myself only to find that my penis was erect and it was pushing against the catheter and thus the pain. I had just overcome the first hurdle- erectile dysfunction! My catheter was removed after two weeks. I got my instructions of how to use the diapers and was given water to test my capacity to pass urine. I was surprised to discover that I had total control of the act of urination.

It is now three weeks since Professor Chris Eden performed my radical prostatectomy. My erectile function is perfect, I did not use diapers for a day since I have full control of the urination process and my wounds have healed.

I will definitely recommend whoever has a prostate cancer problem to consult Professor Eden if you want to avoid the painful and depressing moments related to the failure to have an erection or have control over your urination process. I am certain that the bad side or after effects of a prostatectomy are much lower with an experienced hand especially when he uses the Retzius sparing robot assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

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Both before and after the operation Prof. Eden with his team of nursing and secretarial staff provided me with the best possible care.

In 2010 at the age of 75, Professor Eden removed my prostate. Today 6 years later my PSA is unreadable. Both before and after the operation Prof. Eden with his team of nursing and secretarial staff provided me with the best possible care. I have never regretted the decision to have my prostate removed.

Mr. George Floyd
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The best advice I received was to ensure that the procedure was carried out by the most experienced surgeon I could find.

When I learned I had prostate cancer I spent considerable time in researching the alternatives and soon realised that if I was to be cancer free I needed a radical prostatectomy. The best advice I received was to ensure that the procedure was carried out by the most experienced surgeon I could find. In the U.K. Christopher Eden was by far the urologist with the highest surgical volume – some 2000 laparoscopic radical prostatectomies. I contacted some of his peers and asked what they thought of his skills – the word “brilliant” came up more than once. I knew I would be in excellent hands. He carried out the procedure in March 2013 and I am delighted to say that my life returned to normal very rapidly and after 3 years my PSA level is undetectable. I owe a lot to Christopher Eden and commend him highly to anyone else who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Mr. Michael Black
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He is the consummate professional.

Prof. Eden and his team provide the very best care available anywhere in the world – he is the consummate professional and a very nice guy to whom I owe my life – 100% top class!

Mr. Robert Cordery
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A testament to Professor Eden’s skills and experience.

I cannot recommend Professor Eden highly enough. I had a raised PSA but no prostate enlargement and while others had considered the prostate normal, Professor Eden picked up subtle changes confirmed by MP-MRI. The diagnostic and treatment plan was fast and efficient and Professor Eden provided detailed information at each step.

The robotic assisted nerve sparing prostatectomy was a testament to Professor Eden’s skills and experience. My immediate post-operative recovery has been smooth and uneventful. My sincere thanks to Professor Eden and his whole team for their kindness and professionalism.

Professor David Onions
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I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Professor Eden and his team.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Professor Eden and his team. He is an absolutely superb surgeon, an astonishingly committed professional and an excellent communicator. On top of that, Professor Eden and his team are incredibly supportive and caring.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer when I was 52. As part of a range of benefits which employees are offering at work, I was offered a PSA blood test. I had no symptoms that I was aware of and in fact felt as fit as I had felt for over 10 years having just run a half marathon for a bowel cancer charity – but because the test was cheap and could be done at home very quickly, I ticked the box and did the test. Looking back, I am now astonished by how little I knew about prostate cancer. My decision to take a PSA blood test was simply a random moment of good luck.

My PSA was 7, somewhat higher than normal. Still not expecting a cancer diagnosis, I started researching prostate cancer treatments and consultants, and I was very happy to be referred to Professor Eden.

As those who have been through the diagnosis process, there is quite naturally a lot of uncertainty along the way – you don’t know what type of cancer you have or how much, and for someone like me who does not have a medical background moments when you need to ask some very basic questions. But at every step, I felt that Professor Eden and his team were there for me. Professor Eden’s explanations were clear and straightforward, and I always felt that I could ask all my questions, no matter how ignorant they were. The information available on the Santis website is also first class.

I also remember the small things – the radiographer who gave me some reassurance after the cancer word was first mentioned, Professor Eden telephoning my wife after the operation to tell her it had gone well and the endless patience shown by Professor Eden’s assistant, Simone. It is so easy to take these things for granted but they are so important and they really do make a difference.

As it turned out, my cancer was in its early stages and had a Gleason score of 3+4, so not as aggressive as it could have been. Because of my age, Professor Eden’s advice was that the best option for the long-term was a radical prostatectomy. I had the operation in August 2019, made a rapid recovery (I was back at work within three weeks) and two years later, my PSA is undetectable.

I still can’t believe how little I knew about prostate cancer. But I’m not the only one – I have shared my experience with friends and work colleagues in the hope that my experience will encourage them to get checked. And I still count myself as incredibly lucky – you only have to see the stories of other men being diagnosed with or dying from prostate cancer to realise that.

I am currently training for another half marathon, this time to raise money for a prostate cancer charity.

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He continues to research and develop new ideas and skills to improve patient outcomes.

I have been a patient of Professor Eden since the beginning of this century when he pioneered laparoscopic radical prostatectomy in Britain.

His care, knowledge and skill has increased my lifespan by more than 26%.

He continues to research and develop new ideas and skills to improve patient outcomes.

In short, he is my hero!

Mr Robert Simmons
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Prostate surgery is a huge decision and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Professor Eden.

For many men, a diagnosis of prostate cancer will lead inevitably to an exhaustive trawl of the internet for further information. Here, they will find in equal measure a bewildering amount of data, statistics and opinion, some useful, some less so and some, seemingly contradictory. Treatment options and outcomes are analysed and in the background are the two well documented unwanted potential surgical side effects of impotence and incontinence.

Diagnosed with a Gleason 3+4 tumour I went down this route and found three key pieces of information. High volume surgeons enjoy better outcomes than low volume contemporaries, Retzius-sparing surgery has superior continence after-effects and that neuroSAFE real time pathology is an innovative procedure that allows nerve sparing under certain circumstances.

These discoveries led me to Professor Eden. My wife and I arrived at the initial consultation anxious and worried but left reassured that we had made the right choice for him to undertake my RARP.

Acknowledged by both patients and peers to be one of the most technically gifted practitioners in RARP, he undertook my operation at the end of Sept 2019. I was continent immediately after the removal of the catheter and returned to pill free potency after a month. Three months after the operation my PSA was undetectable.

The testimonials on this site (which I am happy to add to) illustrate clearly the high esteem his patients rightly hold him in and his dedication to ensuring optimum surgical outcomes for each patient. He is a sympathetic and compassionate communicator – which is particularly important for partners.

Prostate surgery is a huge decision and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Professor Eden.

Mr Alexander McKibbin
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I would recommend Professor Eden, his team and HCA Healthcare without hesitation.

In May 2023 I was offered a routine PSA blood test by my GP surgery as part of a trial
whereby men over 50 were tested and then fast tracked if any problems were found. I had
no symptoms or any suggestion that anything was wrong. My PSA was found to be 15, and
so a full course of investigations was arranged.

At my local NHS hospital, I had an MRI scan, biopsy, bone density scan and several
sessions with different Consultants and my options were explained. My prostate cancer was
localised but I had a Gleason score of 7 (4+3), Group 3, and I agreed that my prostate
cancer needed to be treated.

My initial view was I favoured brachytherapy, where radioactive seeds are placed in your
body, in or near the tumour, mainly as this was non-invasive.

My wife did extensive research, and she was very much of the opinion that surgery was the
far better option. My concern about surgery was I may become incontinent, but with
brachytherapy, if any surgery was needed subsequently, this might be by problematic.

I decided, therefore, to go for the surgery option.

Again, thanks to my wife, she discovered the successful outcome of a prostatectomy is
significantly enhanced when performed by high volume surgeons. She also found Professor
Christopher Eden, one of the world’s leading prostate cancer surgeons, specialising in
robotic prostatectomy.

After an initial consultation with Professor Eden at the end of July 2023, my surgery was
arranged for 16 th August, at Guy’s Cancer Centre (Part of HCA Healthcare), in London.
From the initial consultation, to my admission to the hospital, the surgery, and the couple of
days I was an inpatient following surgery, the care I received was outstanding.

On the day of the surgery, Professor Eden and his anaesthetist came to see me, and
immediately after my surgery Professor Eden came to see my wife who was waiting in my
room. He also came to see me of both the following days.

My catheter was removed after two weeks and I was almost fully continent straight away, but
wore a precautionary pad for a week or so after that. This was really to give me some
confidence rather than being necessary.

I have just had my first post-operative PSA blood test. This was 0.025 – so-called

Professor Eden was very clear, confident and informative, explaining all options and
expectations, and I would recommend his and his team at HCA Healthcare without

I would also say, the Santis fixed price proctectomy for a self-funding patient such as myself
was a factor in choosing Santis/HCA Heathcare.

Mr Nicholas Russell
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