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Cancer Cure Rate

Potency Rate*

Complete Continence Rate

A note on the results displayed here: all patients underwent laparoscopic (keyhole) radical prostatectomy. Complete continence is defined as being pad-free, and cancer cure rate (freedom of cancer recurrence) is defined as a PSA of less than 0.2. The average follow-up in these patients was 13.5 months and the maximum follow-up was 36 months.

* Potency is defined as the ability to have penetrative intercourse with or without tablets (such as Viagra) in men under 70 years old who were potent before the operation and had both nerves preserved during surgery. Note that not all patients meet this criteria, so the numbers in the potency chart do not match the total number of patients in the study. Some results (e.g. for high Gleason scores) may show ‘N/A’ – this is likely because patients had to have their nerves removed to ensure cancer cure and so were not eligible for the potency definition above.

Age of patient PSA level Gleason Score Stage Cancer cured Potency Continence